Thursday, 11 December 2014

Day Minus 2

The two and half day leadership module was wrapped up with a recap of the activities, concepts of leadership and a feedback session.

How is it that the more time one spends in the services, the more one loses the ability to listen? Is it a sign of the closed nature of the services, a lonely job for a bureaucrat shut in a room, surrounded by lackeys and yes men, voiceless echoes of one's own personality and prejudices?

The campus is being prettified on war footing. After all it is not every day that the first citizen of the country comes calling. The stretch of road from Library Point to the Academy (called 'Charleville Road') is being repaired and topped with tar. The sides of the roads have been white washed in pattern with a red dot in the middle. Shiny, blinking things that mark the borders of the road have been affixed. On a small stretch of a straight road, they wink one after another, synchronized road side Romeos.

The last three days may pass in a jiffy. At least this day did. One vaguely remembers hiking till the Little Llama Cafe (again, so soon!), stuffing oneself with legendary momos. And another foray to a restaurant on the Mall road. One returns to the academy on near empty roads save for the irregular traffic of weaving drunkards soliloquizing at length to the push carts and to the lamp posts on love and its failure in redeeming mankind of its common failures. Their steps falter, they say, because love had made an unkind cut. And their words slur, they aver, because no love has ever been spoken that is true love. The thousand tongues the drunkards get are an envy of the tongue-tied.

The three remaining plays of the AK Sinha One Act Play competition were acted out tonight. Two plays took up the humorous path while one play wrestled with a complex script.

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