Saturday, 25 October 2014

On Cross Country Run

A lady officer from the Royal Bhutan Civil Service and a gentleman officer from the Royal Bhutan Forest Service topped the charts in the respective categories for the 10km cross country run. In a testimony to the fitness of the batch, the top 5 positions had very little gap between them.  The run was done and everyone is fitter for the effort. One can burn many calories in a 10km run. One can gain manifold calories too after stuffing one's face with freshly made jalebis, rabri, pakodas, assorted breakfast items. That is precisely what many OTs proceeded to do after the exhausting run.

Who would have thought that the OTs of varied physical fitness would complete running a 10km race at a decent clip?! The best feature of the  Foundation Course is its location, methinks. The hills do force the OTs to challenge themselves with surprising results.

Nimbu paani and glucose water was kept available at regular intervals but were not really needed as the weather was cool and was invigorating instead of the enervating conditions found in the plains. The hills they have eyes and they have hearts too.

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