Tuesday, 14 October 2014

The Officer Trainees take up responsibilities from time to time, like in the library and the mess, for example. It is a compulsorily voluntary job and an OT performs these jobs with similar enthusiasm, I guess.

Today was a weird day. Weather had a major role in the weirdness I believe. The sunset was quite beautiful after a rather sodden day. It has gotten a lot colder too. It is as if the cold has descended from the higher hills and settled at 6000 ft altitude.

The trek had unsettled a lot of schedules. We were accustomed to, however reluctantly, to events such as the PT, sleeping in the class only during the class hours, stuffing oneself to the gills with breakfast etc. Now, one is hard pressed to sleep during the class hours. Gasp! One actually looks forward to trodding the Polo Grounds. Gasp! Gone are the days when if the breakfast weighed less than few kilos one felt one was doing an injustice to the mess. Now one only feels lightweight and finds the temerity to skip meals. Things seem to have changed.

The work load has been steadily increasing. There are papers to write, mid term exams to contend with, Fete to participate and cultural programmes to watch, PT to huff and puff from etc and only limited time.

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