Thursday, 18 September 2014

A general post.

Horse riding is not easy as it seems. The smell. Horses stink. Sorry Gulaab, you do too. Gulaab is my ride. Then there is the infernal riding position. It stresses certain muscle groups. Like a fellow OT had remarked, all muscles are not equal. Gluteus maximus takes the maximum beating followed by other tender places. Horse riding may appear to be fun to the casual onlookers. But for chubby OTs on old horses, it is a different ball game. One tends to cling to the saddle hoping one does not fall off a horse. The horses rarely ever listen to the OT. They listen to the commands of the riding instructor or to the handlers. The OTs are nothing but sacks of fat on horsebacks. If the horses could talk, they would have said, "It is I who run things around here, not you."

I got a close look at a keen type probationer (KTP) today. The said specimen volunteered for a second round of a particularly strenuous activity while the first round was trying enough. It feels good to know that the future of this country is safe in these driven personalities. I expect to see more of these kind to emerge out of the wood works. What is life after all? Is not it a number? A rank? A comparison with every other person on earth? A position at the top in the inter se seniority? To each his own.

Since one half of the batch was out on a visit to two institutes for the differently abled, the campus seemed emptier. Would it be like this post the FC? Sleepy, quiet, no dramas to unfold?


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