Wednesday, 10 September 2014

Heritage walk, Debate, Cows and Red Tape

To break the monotony (and the physical exhaustion) of PT, we had a heritage walk, of sorts, near the academy. Walk is a relative term. For a few, a simple climb up a road may be a challenge enough.

Waverly houses an old and venerable institution, the Convent of Jesus and Mary, Musoorie. It was established in 1845. A road in front of the school leads to Hathi Paon. Sir George Everest's estate used to stand there. I hear it is now in ruins. This place may be a destination when I find time and motivation enough to trek to places unbid. It may be a closure to the book 'The Great Arc' by John Keay that I read.
A very old school

Somewhere to go

The highlight of the day must be the debate in which the OTs participated. The topic of the debate was 'Executive should have no say in the appointment of HC/SC judges.' The participants put in a splendid performance. I think I can speak for the audience in saying that we thoroughly enjoyed the debate. Kudos to the participants for sparing no punches on their opponents. :)

I have noticed that the cattle here have an attitude problem. Sample these two:
Whatcha lookin at?
 The bovines charged at two or three OTs during the trek to Kempty falls. One does not relish the thought of a senior civil servant being charged at by the cattle. But what would the poor cows know? They can not differentiate one fat human from the next, and can not certainly read our ID tags which also mention the service we have been allotted. A true blue bureaucrat may try out a project to educate the cows. If not outright reading of the name tags etc, at least to differentiate between the services by way of colour, smell or in any other manner. I am sure the primary reason for their anger at the bureaucrats may be the red tape.

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