Tuesday, 30 September 2014

On File Notings and Tea-Time Rights

Did you know that on the file notings the clerks sign on the left hand side of the note while the officers sign on the right hand side? Now you know. A dealing hand is the karta of a file while the invisible hand dictates the fate of the notings and drafts. The invisible hand, be that of Adam Smith's or a typical neta's or even that of Maradona's imagination, is, like the foreign hand, an all powerful hand. The invisible hand pulls strings while the dealing hand stains itself with ink.

These are practical matters, something that many OTs were keen on learning. What do we do with practicality? For, practicality is only a convenience for the moment. What is eminently practical and practicable may be impractical within no time. Learn the philosophy, if you can, is what I say.

In case one wonders what the civil servants are being taught, the topics range from international trade to how to sign off a demi-official letter. Famous writers drop in as guest speakers from time to time and deliver underwhelming lectures. Well, it is up to the OTs to be either overwhelmed or underwhelmed. 

Speaking of whelming, I must need to come up tops in the scrimmage for snacks during tea time. It is of essence to the modern civil servant to be well conversant with the finer techniques of pushing through the crowds with a cup in one hand to home in on to the tea dispenser and the other hand simultaneously grabbing whatever light nibble may have been offered as snack. Assertion of tea time rights would be the term the bright, KTP type OTs would identify.

A literary festival will be held on the academy premises over the next two days. Prominent personalities and litterateurs will be prowling the campus. The unlettered like me may find the going tough. The literary festival is being organized by a private entity.

More about the literary festival and the personalities in the future posts. But the PT! The horrific PT! Knees creak, ankles squeak, muscles ache, eyes burn from sleeplessness but to no avail. Ours is to do PT and die.

Or not. While the niggling pains and residual aches may trouble us for sometime, I suppose at least this level of physical activity is necessary in order that one is prepared for the trek in the upper Himalayas.

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