Saturday, 27 September 2014

On a Peak and Summiteers

There were many kings of the hill, a much quarried limestone hill. A hill that appealed to Sir George Everest enough for him to set up a bungalow and an observatory for him to compile the results of the Great Indian Arc survey. The bungalow is now in utter ruin, visited annually by various batches of OTs, cows, goats and other wild creatures. The kings of the hill all talked but could not decide on who would be the summiteer of the peak of the quarried limestone hill.

Speaking of peaks, the Peak XV, later to be named as Mount Everest, has an interesting story behind its naming. This article from The Himalayan Journal by William Aitken is an engaging read.

An enquiry in to the real name of Mt. Everest

The Tibetan name for the peak, Chomolungma, has a sweet meaning. It means 'Snow Blue High Queen.'

The trek to the Sir George Everest estate, a gentle walk on the road, was done with the group configuration for the first time. The group members and their leaders were kind enough to check on my welfare and position from time to time. No child left behind was implemented in letter and spirit.

There were Tibetan Buddhist prayer flags, clouds and needy photographers around. The result is few photos for your viewing pleasure.

The Lone Trekker

A cross current of prayers

Eternal prayers

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