Thursday, 4 September 2014

One juggles, one struggles.

One juggles, one struggles.

The academic sessions have started. A common complaint of the OTs seems to be a struggle to remain awake during the classes. In all fairness, this is not a reflection on the faculty or the course content. Instead, it is a race to adjust to the changed circumstances of structured physical exercise in the morning and classes all day. Hopefully we should be able to win this race.

I see no point in updating details of the classes. I might just as well upload the course PPTs and the time table. If I persist on insisting on writing about the going-ons of this place, this will turn irrelevant. However, I shall try my best to capture the interstitial spaces and times. I shall try to write about the reading in between the lines.

There is a great deal to do at the LBSNAA for the OTs. There are extra course modules specifically designed to let an OT hone her skills or pick up new ones. The OTs are also expected to learn a new language. The idea is to push the OTs out of their comfort zone.

Yours truly has opted for, and has been allotted to, horse riding. Yes, I too am thinking Sea Biscuit. Or Black Beauty. That is how far my knowledge of horses and riding extends. This promises to be a novel experience. We can hear it straight from the horse's mouth in the future. :)

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