Monday, 29 September 2014

On a Splendid Cultural Performance

A guest lecture dealt with the Dalit entrepreneurship as well as with the social and political thought of Dr. B. R. Ambedkar. Can capitalism be a solution to casteism? The speaker thought so.

The 2nd edition of the cultural programme was entertaining through and through. The evening started off with a recitation of a shloka which was not clear. 

A Sufi song, Fuzon's 'Mora Saiyan' and a group song by the students of the NIVH received standing ovation from the audience. Of special note was the group song.

The performances by the NIVH students were followed by a Rajasthani dance by the lady OTs, dazzling in traditional dress and the very picture of poise and grace with pots balanced delicately on their heads. Theirs was a mesmerising performance.

The comperes, meanwhile, had started LBSNAA TV. The 'news' snippets of a certain lady OT who can talk for hours together (and yet find it not enough), a gentleman OT who wanted administrators with 'real experience' to teach at the academy, a gentleman OT whose questions are as lengthy as lectures etc kept the audience regaled with instant connect and recall.

A jugalbandi of old Hindi movie songs was next in order. There was a change of guard in the compere team and 'Mushie' and the lady OT kept the audience engaged for the rest of the session. A rather innovative dance by OTs from AP and Telangana had the audience asking for more. How innovative was it? Well, the gentleman OTs danced, even, to the ditty 'hamara Bajaj'!

A lady OT sang a soulful song. Pardon my ignorance but the song was an unfamiliar one.

To jazz up the evening, a peppy salsa number was next to follow. However, it gave raise to a lot of mirth owing to, how shall one put it, few too many left feet of certain gentleman OTs. Two of them specifically. :) The ladies simply sizzled.

A mimicry show riveted the attention of the audience next. Bollywood stars of yester years as well as the current Khan crop made an appearance. Usual suspect politicians, news anchors and movie stars were portrayed with easy and impressive talent by three gentlemen OTs. Who would have thought that the serious civil servant types can mimic?!

Santana got a place too with two gentleman OTs playing their own variation on Santana's piece. The OTs' talent with guitars was amazing.

A synthesis of Gujarati and Punjabi dance numbers enthused the audience with the catchy beats. The thoroughly entertaining evening was brought to a close with an invite by the 89th FC batch for a dandiya raas tomorrow. Looking forward to it.

Special mention and appreciation to the coordinators, backstage personnel, various clubs and societies which came together to make this cultural event a resounding success. Loved the mellow lights and perfect sound arrangements.

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