Tuesday, 23 September 2014

On Commensality and Democracy

Commensality is an integral part of a social experience. A fellow officer trainee with super keen observation powers has noted a peculiar thing about the officers' behaviour in the Officers' Mess. Deductions from these observations shall be shared after few repeats of the social, experiential experimentation. Well designed experiments must need satisfy the repeatability condition. And we have a control too.

Commensality has an original reference to the caste system along with endogamy. We will touch these topics at a later date. The current experiment has a different purpose.

There are many ways of life. Democracy is one among them, according to some. Religion is, for most others. Food is religion is way of life for certain others. Are they beliefs? Are people convinced about their views? What would it take to change the views? I believe there is a surprising amount of discomfort with the ambiguous. We yearn for certainty. However, what is wrong with randomness? Anyway, I think democracy is a daydream of philosopher kings and capitalist czars. Pessimistic? No, I think I am being realistic.

That is it for today. The posts are contracting by the day and with good reason. I am sleep deprived and it is showing. Mere skimming of topics is poor writing, but between no writing and poor writing, I suppose I should choose poor writing.

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  1. like your blog...
    something i look forward to in my feeds...
    kindly keep posting. i know it's hectic there but keep going.
    hoping that i could experience it first hand next year..


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